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Our offer : 

i-nova.cpds has the know-how and experience to help you create a distinct business advantage or close a competitive gap through effective and productive Product Development. 

To allow us to do this, we developed the STAR solutions, which capitalise on the cumulative efforts of highly experienced consulting teams, working on collaborative product development (CPD) assignments in the Automotive Industry over the last 15 years. STAR solutions are designed to take full advantage of the best of the web technologies and tools.

Our solutions operate in the areas of : team communication, product planning, target setting, target deployment & concept selection, test planning & optimisation, risk management, project management and indicators.

A STAR  solution is an integrated package of practical software*, practical "best practice" CPD processes and a full range of implementation services. 

* Our software teams configure rapidly the required application functions from a library of basic IT functions



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