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Change Management :

Making lasting change in an organisation depends on the support and commitment of all the staff. Preparing the ground, so that the people feel involved, consulted and understand what we are asking of them and why it is necessary, is an important part of the success of any CPD programme. To achieve these goals i-nova works with specialists in this field such as The Change Works. 

We also distribute NPI Sim« for The Change Works. It is a role playing simulation of New Product Introduction which puts a project team in the situation of being responsible for the development and initial series production of a new product within a fixed time and budget. The team is responsible for obtaining Customer Requirements and organising the way they work together and with external suppliers in order to meet their objectives. 

The simulation is very real and exposes the team to many practical difficulties encountered in Collaborative Product Development. It is an excellent way to develop and measure team skills, vehicle many important training messages and learn some of the tools and methods used by consultants to improve product development processes.

NPI Sim« can assist you in making change in the way you develop products.

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Change Management

last update 18 oct 2001

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