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Evaluation : 

i-nova.cpds  has developed an assessment approach to evaluating how a company stands against the identified 5 human factors (Sharing, Learning, Creativity, Motivation and Culture) which strongly influence the results of a Product Development Project.

  • Sharing : Make opportunities to share design experience during daily work.

  • Learning : Invest in specific learning experiences related to design.

  • Creativity: Encourage creativity in design.

  • Motivation : Use diverse elements of motivation to guide behaviour.

  • Culture : Provide a framework which influences decision making and behaviour.

The objectives of the evaluation are to :

  • Understand and define the factors which influence « Good Product Development Practice » with the Engineering Managers

  • Assess the current situation of  your company against these factors

  • Determine practical short and mid term implementation actions to improve Product Developments

  • Plan in detail the implementation projects

The Deliverables of the Evaluation are :

  • General
    • Inventories of expertise and skills proficiency
  • Sharing
    • Type and effectiveness of design sharing efforts during daily work
    • Work space / meeting point design
    • Understanding and use of technology and tools
  • Learning
    • Inventory of the programmed learning experiences related to Product Development
    • Training practices and results
    • Understanding and use of technology and tools
  • Creativity
    • Methods employed and results obtained
    • Use of alternatives
    • Understanding and use of technology and tools
  • Motivation
    • Mechanisms employed and results obtained
    • Indicators employed
  • Culture
    • Prevailing « Cultural » influences on Good Product Development Practices (identification and examples)

After the evaluation phase we would want to support the implementation programme.



People Factors are placed at the centre of our Product Development Solutions





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