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Experts :

i-nova.cpds  is growing a specialist network of experts in Collaborative Product Development, capable of quickly integrating a Physical or a Virtual Team to bring their expertise to help solve any Product Development problem.

The objective of the Product Development Network is to be able to constitute quickly a team capable of solving a specific Product Development Problem within the context of a specific project. The expert resource is used when needed during the project and the team is disbanded at the end of the Project. If you have a particular problem to solve or a punctual need for a specific expertise, contact us at

We can offer experts in the following categories :

  • Engineering Management :

    • Collaborative Product Development

    • People Centred Product Development

    • Architectural design of work spaces

    • Psychology of innovation

    • Creativity

    • Team building and development

    • Design management

    • Technology management

    • Culture change

    • Change management

    • Dashboard and indicator design

    • Policy Function Deployment

    • Process management

  • Engineering Skills/"Métier" :

    • Systems engineering and virtual prototyping

    • CAD

    • CAM

    • CAE

    • PDM

    • Rapid prototyping

    • Data exchange

    • Sensory metrology

    • Sensory design

    • Acoustics

    • Materials science

    • Plastics extrusion

    • Postural comfort

    • Ergonomy and Man Machine Interface design

    • Information systems architecture

  • Tools and methodologies :

    • Function analysis

    • QFD

    • Value Engineering / Analysis

    • Design to Cost

    • Design of experiments

    • Robust design and 6 s

    • Lifecycle reliability management

    • Product Planning and Target Setting

    • Target deployment 

    • Product and Process Validation and Verification

    • Risk Management

    • Result Oriented Project Management

    • Problem solving

    • TRIZ and ARIZ

    • Fuzzy logic

Industry sector / Products : 

  • Passenger cars

  • Trucks

  • Diesel engines

Join the Product Development Network :

If you have availability, a minimum of 10 years experience in some Product Development related activity and would like to work with us on challenging problems in Product Development  then please contact us. 

Send us a detailed CV to and we will contact you.

(see also our postal address)



People Factors are placed at the centre of our Product Development Solutions






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