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People Factors

In the past most of us have, at some time, placed our confidence in the Tools, Technology and Methods of Advanced Product Development. Most of us have also been disappointed with the results. 

Forgetting that people are at the centre of all improvement actions can be costly. This is why we have formalised our People Centred Product Development approach to focus our attention on the "Human Factors" which strongly influence the capability of our people and their receptiveness to implementing change.

i-nova.cpds  has identified 5 factors which strongly influence the results of a Product Development Project :

  • Sharing : Make opportunities to share design experience during daily work.

  • Learning : Invest in specific learning experiences related to design.

  • Creativity: Encourage creativity in design.

  • Motivation : Use diverse elements of motivation to guide behaviour.

  • Culture : Provide a framework which influences decision making and behaviour.

Much can be done in these areas solely by optimising the work environment and conditions so that people want to and can, interact effectively. Working on these factors also greatly increases the probability of successful implementation of Tools, Technology and Methods.

Our offer in People Centred Product Development consists of :

  • an evaluation of your company against the important People Centred factors (SLCMC)

  • determination of pragmatic improvement actions with Engineering Management

  • implementation planning

  • operational work alongside your people during implementation 

We also support the people involved in Product Development through :  :


People Factors are placed at the centre of our Product Development Solutions





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