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Training :

i-nova.cpds offers training at all levels as part of our People Centred Approach which prepare your company for new ways of working. Our training services are customised according to requirements.From time to time we also offer public training seminars on specific CPD topics 

Senior & Operational Managers :

  • Awareness training to understand issues in Collaborative Product Development

Operational Staff :

  • Awareness training in Collaborative Product Development
  • Specific training in the STAR custom software modules
  • Specific training in the elements of Collaborative Product Development
    • Custom CPD process definition (To Be)
      • process modeling
      • process measurement and analysis
      • process benchmarking
      • process optimisation based on i-nova.cpds best practice
    • Organisation and human resources to support the CPD process
      • organisational models for CPD
      • definition of roles and responsibilities
      • platform organisation and sizing
      • CPD change management and team building
      • attitude assessment
      • skills assessment and development
    • CPD methodologies and tools
      • team integration
      • product planning & target setting
      • target deployment & concept selection
      • product & process performance validations
      • risk management
      • result oriented project management
      • indicators
      • Functional Analysis
      • Value Engineering
      • QFD
      • FMEA
      • 6 sigma
    • Information technology and data integration
      • IT infrastructure architecture
      • Integration PDM/ERP/Legacy and Engineering Systems
      • Interoperability of the Engineering Supply Chain
      • Collaborative engineering systems



People Factors are placed at the centre of our Product Development Solutions






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