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Operational support :

i-nova.cpds provides support at every step of the implementation and beyond to ensure the project stays on the right trajectory to secure the gains and then is correctly maintained.

We operate on the principles of :

  • Transferring our solutions by working with our customers on live projects

    • We take our share of responsibility for the success of the project. We can often contribute to specific technical discussions but our main role is to ensure that the team does the right things and then does them well.

  • "High leverage consulting"

    • Placing an i-nova.cpds consultant with the required skills at the place and time where and when we can achieve maximum benefit. Our consultants are all senior, experienced practitioners of Collaborative Product Development. 

We believe that by having our experienced staff support your people when they are making the first implementation, the learning experience is safer, faster, more relevant and more lasting.



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