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implementation > Define Transition Plan

Define Transition Plan :

  1. Analyse the gaps between the i-nova.cpds module and define the desired process customisation

  2. Specify any software customisation

  3. Define organisational and training requirements

  4. Prepare risk analysis, cost, benefit and return on investment analyses

  5. Define project steering organisation

  6. Define a Result Oriented "Project by Project", Implementation Plan

  7. Communicate and validate the Plan

The right balance must be struck between speed, depth and breadth of implementation and the capacity of the organisation to follow. Tracking of the key indicators is vital so that corrective action may be taken in time.

All the definition steps are performed with customer staff. Our experience is that good solutions are the ones which people feel comfortable with, understand and have participated in their creation. Starting from a "Best Practice Blue Print" saves time and money.



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last update July 2002

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