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Data Exchange :

i-nova.cpds is the official agent in France for TranscenData, a subsidiary company of ITI. The exchange and sharing of data is at the root of all engineering collaboration.

i-nova.cpds represents TranscenData and provides consulting support in the following areas :

Engineering Supply Chain Integration (DEX Center)

  • Enabling the automation, tracking, and management of the process of sharing product data between OEMs and their suppliers, partners, and customers.

CAD/CAM/CAE (C3) Systems Integration

  • Enables effective exchange and sharing of CAD, CAM, CAE model data among upstream and downstream users.

Product Data Management Systems Integration

  • Enabling collaborative product commerce via the integration of enterprise applications with engineering PDM



 STAR Solutions

Team Integrator

Product Planning &
Target Setting

Target Deployment
& Concept Selection

Product & Process
Performance Validation

Risk Management



Advanced product development tools


Change management

Data exchange





last update 18 oct 2001

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