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Our reliability software

In conjunction with ITI, i-nova.cpds provides reliability services. We distribute the following reliability software developed by ITI, This software is only sold as part of a Reliability Growth implementation project supported by ITI.

Reliability Growth Assistant :
Developed by ITI to assist in the execution of their Reliability Growth Methodology. RGA comprises 4 modules : New Content Analysis, Target Setting, Optimisation of the Reliability Growth Plans and Management of the Reliability Growth Testing Phases.

Reliability Growth Test Data Recording System :
Developed by ITI to capture and manage the test data generated during a Reliability Growth program. This software is easy to customise for a specific product and the test conditions.

We distribute the following reliability software developed by Reliasoft Corporation :

Weibull++ : 
Statistical analysis of reliability life data from Reliasoft. 

Analysis and design of accelerated testing from Reliasoft.

Simulation of the reliability of complex systems from Reliasoft.




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