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STAR Product Planning & Target Setting © is designed to encourage team work in the development of Product Plans.By structuring the activities and organising the information capture, retrieval and flow, we improve the consistency and quality of results.Collaboration is vital during the upfront decision making concerning Markets and Requirements,the introduction of internal targets and the final trade off "negotiations" to produce the "agreed" Product Level Targets.

Process management software supports the
STAR product planning and target setting activities by providing process templates with step by step « how to » guidance and links to the tools required. Examples can be consulted on-line. Custom application software can be built from our library of basic IT functions designed to facilitate the rapid development of support applications.

Functions which can be provided :

  • Market Opportunity Analysis

  • Definition of Buying Criteria by Market Segment

  • Customer Requirements Collection

  • Planning of the Market Offer

  • Competitive Target Ranges

  • Definition of Features

  • Definition of the Target Structure

  • Product Level Target Setting

    • Subjective and Measureable

  • Product Architecture Concept Selection

Customisation and Integration :

All software is customisable to be able to reproduce your main Product Planning documents in the format you are used to. We can also link to existing Product Planning Data Bases and Market Research Resources.

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