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STAR Result Oriented Project Management © encourages the development of participative attitudes to Project Management, inter-functional communication and planning. Process management software supports the STAR ROPM activities by providing a complete CPD process templates customised for your company with step by step « how to » guidance and links to the tools required. Examples can be consulted on-line. Custom application software can be built from our library of basic IT functions designed to facilitate the rapid development of support applications.   

Functions which can be provided :

  • Define the expected RESULTS the project must attain

  • Enforce negotiation between Organisational Functions

  • Describe clearly what must be DELIVERED

  • Plan inter-functional activity

  • Define inter-functional responsibilities

  • Integrate Co-Design activities

  • Provide layers of detail to assist experienced and less experienced personnel

  • Define the terms and language of the Project

Customisation and Integration 

The software can be personalised to represent your specific product development process. We can replicate your documents and forms and also create new supporting tools for the ROPM. We can also link to existing sources of Planning Data or other systems driven by Planning Data.

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