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STAR Team Integrator © provides the portal into the STAR solutions and allows other commercial tools to be launched from the same environment.

Functions which can be provided :

  • Navigation of Team Data and Documents :

    • Status / Change history /Traceability

  • Team data base (mission and objectives, communication data, skills, responsibilities, team glossary, …)

  • Team dashboard (issues, project progress, measures, …)

  • Decision manager (preparation for key decisions, history of reasons behind key decisions)

  • Standard and Ad Hoc reporting

  • Supplier Integration :

    • Interactive questionnaires / Shared Planning information

Commercial software applications which can be launched from STI

  • Application sharing (collaborative engineering)

  • Teleconferencing

  • e-mail and notification

See star key 1


 STAR Solutions

Team Integrator

Product Planning &
Target Setting

Target Deployment
& Concept Selection

Product & Process
Performance Validation

Risk Management



Advanced product development tools


Change management

Data exchange




last update 18 oct 2001

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