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STAR provides solutions to many of the key problems in Collaborative Product Development (CPD) today, a STAR solution comprises :

  • Practical and proven « Best Practice » working processes which are personalised for your company

  • Modules of application software which are personalised to the processes and integrated with your existing IT systems

  • Implementation services and consulting

The goal is to make lasting improvements in product development, taking a « systemic/holistic » approach to implementing changes in process, methods, people, organisation and IT. 


Each CPD process supported by STAR is the result of cumulative knowledge gained through successful execution of operational projects for major international companies in Europe, North America and Asia. A best practice process will still require adaptation to the specific circumstances of your company and in order to provide efficient tool support, the supporting software is also personalised to match the process


STAR is designed to improve the productivity and the quality of the work performed by Project Teams, Project Managers, Functional Resources and Co-Design partners. Knowledge is also captured, organised and communicated.

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