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STAR Indicators is designed to provide useful, timely information to measure status. Complete descriptions of a range of indicators are provided, including examples and step by step « why, when and how to » guidance. 

Custom software supports the development of STAR Indicators by providing the base IT functions required to gain access to the required data, calculate and publish the indicators.


  • CPD process Implementation Indicators :

    • N° of Design Characteristics with predictive measures

  • Product Performance Indicators

    • Cost

    • Weight

  • Project indicators :

    • Break Even Time (time to profits)

    • Customer Satisfaction

Customisation and Integration 
The software can be personalised to reproduce your existing indicators. We can replicate your reporting and also implement new indicators to assist in achieving the goal of successful CPD . We can link to existing sources of data and automate much of the Indicator production.

See star key 7


 STAR Solutions

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Target Setting

Target Deployment
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Risk Management



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