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STAR principles

"Define Product Plans & Set Product Level Targets based on 
subjective and measurable data"

This process is the main source of leverage in a successful collaborative product development. It must result in correctly identified and measurable Product Requirements and a clear strategy for Competitive Advantage

The i-nova.cpds process takes inputs such as Macro-economic and Industry data, Long Range Product Plans, Market data, Competitive data, Problem reports, Customer Satisfaction etc and guides users to return an Opportunity analysis, the Product theme, Competitive product requirements, Features, Product Level Cost, Subjective and Measurable Performance Targets and a Selected Product Architecture

STAR product planning and target setting 

  • STAR product planning © is designed to provide Marketing and the Development Engineers with shared access to structured Product Planning information and tools

  • Software can be customised to support the specific aspects of Product Planning in your company

  • STAR product planning © can be tightly integrated with STAR target deployment and concept selection © in order to provide traceability and consistent team information concerning requirements and targets

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