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STAR principles

"Manage Trade-Offs very early in the development process and deploy Measurable Design Targets to Key Components" 

  • To achieve the desired targets at the product level, we must be able to balance trade offs between product performances and set targets on the systems, subsystems and components which make up the product

  • Deploying targets requires sophisticated navigation and presentation tools in order to manage the complex relationships between data

  • Different engineering concepts must be evaluated against the desired targets and other selection criteria in order to assist the Platform to make the right engineering decisions in the shortest time

STAR Target Deployment & Concept selection

  • STAR target deployment and concept selection © is designed to provide the Development Team with shared access to data and specific tools to assist in Target Deployment and making decisions between alternative Design Concepts.

  • STAR target deployment and concept selection © can be tightly integrated with the STAR solutions for Product Planning and Target Setting and for Product and Process Performance Validation in order to provide consistent information logistics between targets and test results

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