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STAR principles

"Monitor & Control Product & Process performance against the targets throughout the product development process" 

  • Validating Product & Process Performance is time consuming and expensive, especially when performed by a "Test Analyse and Fix" process, this module is designed to support System Engineering and :

    • bring all the data required to manage an Integrated Test Plan under control (Virtual and Physical Testing)

    • provide different views on the data to assist in decision making

  • An extension to the basic approach will provide for significant time & cost reduction through "Dynamic Optimisation" of the Testing activities :

    • reducing the number of tests

    • reducing the number of test objects

    • improving the productivity of the test resources 

STAR product and process performance validation 

  • STAR product and process performance validation © is designed to provide the Development Team with shared access to data and specific tools to assist in validating that the Product & Process will satisfy its design targets

  • STAR product and process performance validation © can be tightly integrated with both the Target Setting and the Risk Management solutions of STAR

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