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STAR principles

"Plan « Results & Deliverables » collaboratively between company functions and partners to achieve development targets"

  • Making cross-functional teams effective has been a major difficulty with development processes based on concurrent engineering.

  • ROPM represents a CPD process through its «Results and Deliverables » which greatly speed up its acceptance and implementation

  • Detailed plans focusing on all the tasks of a complex project which will last several months, have proved ineffective, the planning is often the responsibility of the "Planner" and is not part of the shared responsibility of the team

  • ROPM focuses the team on the "essentials", providing a stable road map for CPD and a targeted level of support in the form of activities, tasks, check lists and templates for production of deliverables

STAR Result Oriented Project Management

  • STAR ROPM © is designed to provide the Development Team with shared access to data and specific tools to assist in planning and tracking the achievement of the project results

  • STAR ROPM © can be tightly integrated with the STAR solutions for Risk Management and Indicators.

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