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Technology :

STAR custom software is based on standards :

  • Java Technology
    • JDK 1.3, Java Plug-in
    • Java Servlet, Java Server Pages (JSP)
    • JDBC (DB: Oracle, MS SQLServer, Informix, Sybase)
    • Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
    • JRMP (Java RMI Protocol)
  • Web Technology
    • MS Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera

  • Inter-Process Communication Standard

    • CORBA
    • EJB
    • RMI
  • Glossary of terms :

    • CORBA: Common Object Request Broker Architecture
    • EJB: Enterprise Java Beans
    • HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language
    • HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
    • JDBC: Java Data Base Connectivity
    • JDK: Java Development Kit
    • JRE: Java Runtime Environment
    • JRMP: Java Remote Message Protocol
    • JSP: Java Server Pages
    • JVM: Java Virtual Machine
    • RMI: Remote Method Invocation
    • SMTP: Simple Mail Transport Protocol
    • XML: eXtensible Markup Language

STAR custom software can “run everywhere” :

  • It is Platform independent thanks to Java Technology
  • Unix OS (HP UX, Solaris, Linux, etc.)

  • MS Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000

  • MAC OS

  • It is Browser independent thanks to Java Plug-In
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.X

  • Netscape Navigator 4.X

  • It is Database independent thanks to Java JDBC
  • RDBMS: Oracle, MS SQLServer, Informix, Sybase, etc.

STAR custom software is totally “object oriented” 

  • Every component in STAR is an “object” (Java Class)based on the framework named space

  • ESpace (Enterprise Space) is the container for all the components

  • EElement (Enterprise Element) is the base class for components

  • EDataObject is the base class for business objects

  • EDataObjectManager manage the EDataObjects persistence using databases or external systems (PDM / ERP systems)

  • ESystem, EModule, EUserFunction are the base class for packaging, modeling and deploying information systems

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last update 18 oct 2001

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